Edipo Re

The Project

Rediscovering the Territory Through Its History
Edipo Re
An Immersive

The sailboat that once hosted Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas now navigates the Venetian Lagoon, fostering a new form of ethically sustainable and high-quality tourism. This is supported by a wealth of cultural and artistic activities with a strong social impact, thanks to the establishment of the social enterprise “Edipo Re s.r.l. Sociale” and the company “Pellestrana S.r.l. Benefit”.

Edipo Re s.r.l.

Founded to harness the symbolic value of the Edipo Re boat, this entity promotes artistic and cultural activities that blend social innovation, territorial development, social inclusion, cultural identity preservation, local economy revitalisation, and ethical, sustainable tourism.

Pellestrana s.r.l.

Established to develop circular economy projects in the Venetian Lagoon, Pellestrana aims to enhance the territory by becoming a training hub and service provider, integrating the food and wine supply chain with environmental and infrastructural sustainability education.
The Edipo Re

The Edipo Re activities are born from the collaboration of:

  • Sibylle Righetti, with a background in cinema and social cooperation, now CEO.
  • Enrico Vianello, with over fifteen years in the food and wine sector, now Managing Director.
  • Silvia Jop, author and curator, now Artistic and Scientific Director.

Together, they form a synergy of complementary skills united around a shared dream: to transform the Venetian Lagoon into an international model of development where art and tourism are intertwined, guided by environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Edipo Itineraries
Explore the Venice Lagoon and its islands with a diverse collection of immersive itineraries aboard the Edipo Re. Discover Venice’s historical, cultural, and natural wealth from a unique perspective. Engage with the city’s flavours, cultures, crafts, and landscapes, accompanied by top chefs promoting a shared project.
Vela Edipo
Launched in 2021 with the first edition featuring artist Emilio Isgrò, the Vela d’Artista project connects contemporary art with themes of environmental sustainability, social inclusion, and human rights. Every two years, an artist creates a work of art in the form of a sail for the Edipo Re, symbolising its ethical manifesto throughout the season.
Isola Edipo
An annual event held during the Venice Film Festival, Isola Edipo is an off-space facing the lagoon that centres around the Edipo Re boat. The festival is dedicated to cinema, arts, current affairs, and sustainability, and offers a high-quality culinary experience and a way to connect with the local community during this international event.
Premio Edipo
Central to the mission of Edipo Re Sociale and Pellestrana Benefit, the Edipo Re Inclusion and Sustainability Award is an official collateral award of the Venice Film Festival. It supports the distribution of a film in Italy that embodies high artistic and cultural value, promoting inclusivity and sustainability from both human and environmental perspectives.