Edipo Re


Is the boat exclusively for hotel use? No, the boat is not exclusively for any hotel and can be privatized upon request, choosing one of our itineraries or creating a personalized one. Contact us at info@edipore.it to get started.
Can the boat pick us up at San Marco or the station? The boat cannot do pick-ups at San Marco or the station. Pick-ups take place at Marina di Sant’Elena or Marina di Treporti.
Does the boat have a lavatory? Yes, the boat is equipped with a small lavatory/WC.
Can we choose the chef on board? The Residence Kitchen itinerary allows you to express a preference for the chef on board among those collaborating with Edipo Re. We will ensure their availability on your chosen date and, if not available, offer alternatives.
Can we bring our own chef? Unless specific requests or projects are reviewed together, it is not possible to bring your own chef on board.
Can we advertise our products on board? It is not possible to use the image of Edipo Re for commercial and advertising purposes without specific agreements. If you wish to collaborate with us on a campaign or other branding activities, contact us at info@edipore.it.
Can we sleep on board? It is not possible to stay overnight on board.
Can we choose wines to have on board? We work with wine suppliers chosen for their ethics and selection. If you have specific preferences, contact us and we will provide a tailored quote.
Can I bring my sommelier? Let us know if you would like to have your sommelier on board so we can create a customized service for this need.
Can we disembark on any of the islands? The experiential itineraries we have created do not include stops outside those included in the route. In the case of Alimenta, a stop with tasting is planned in Mazzorbo. In the case of Radici, we will make a stop with disembarkation to discover Pellestrina.
Can we book individual spots on boar? Edipo Re offers two dates a month for a shared an on-board experience. Contact us to find out the next available dates!
Can we swim? If conditions are optimal, it is possible to swim in the lagoon or sea, depending on the itinerary.
Are towels provided? Yes, towels are available for guests.
Can we have an à la carte menu? As we are not a restaurant, we create menus to serve all guests. The dishes are agreed upon in advance, taking into account intolerances, allergies, and other dietary restrictions.