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Edipo Re

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Not just a sailboat, but a place where the magic of the
Venetian territory unfolds into unparalleled experiences.

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An 80-Year

The sailboat that once hosted the renowned director and thinker Pier Paolo Pasolini and the legendary Maria Callas now sails through the heart of the Venetian Lagoon, pioneering a new form of ethically sustainable and high-quality tourism. This journey is enriched by a constellation of cultural and artistic activities with a profound social impact.

Photo by Roberto Villa, Pier Paolo Pasolini on the set of “Arabian Nights”.

Our Itineraries

Experience a diverse array of adventures aboard the Edipo Re, exploring the Venetian Lagoon and its islands. Discover the historical, cultural, and natural richness of Venice while engaging in local activities that offer alternative ways to connect with this beautiful territory.

Il progetto

Partendo dalla famosissima barca Edipo Re, nascono una sere di progetti attorno alla condivisione di un sogno: trasformare la laguna di Venezia in un modello internazionale di sviluppo possibile all’interno del quale arte e turismo sono legate da un rapporto di reciproca necessità alla luce di sostenibilità ambientale e inclusione sociale.

Edipo Re
A Unique Project

The Edipo Re team unites complementary skills around a shared dream: to transform the Venetian Lagoon into an international model of ethical development. Here, art and tourism are intertwined, promoting environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

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Every activity aboard the Edipo Re is enriched by encounters with intellectuals and artists who, after sharing experiences and projects, become friends and companions on our journeys.

Emilio Isgrò

Filippo Timi

Concita De Gregorio

Lucia Mascino

Nanni Moretti

Oliver Stone

Samuel Romano

Giovanni Truppi

Paolo Giordano

Annalena Benini

Luciana Castellina e Margareghe Von Trotta

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A distinctive feature of Edipo Re’s activities is the progressive activation of new partnerships, creating a network of locations and projects.